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Thursday, June 1, 2023

My Cowboy Crush: Epilogue

 Hi Dear Reader,

Here is the last bit for Katie and Levi's story. This will be the last one I'll be serializing on my blog. If you want to read more of my stories, sign-up to read my Substack. You'll get access to newsletter only content!


Six Months Later - Levi

I threw my last duffle bag into the back of my truck. I wiped the sweat from my brow and looked out over the Kisment ranch. The memories of my time on the ranch will always have a special place in my heart. Riding, working cows, and hanging out with my best friend. These were things that I’d never forget. 

The tailgate slammed shut, bringing me back to the present. I turned to Kaleb as he leaned against the tailgate. His hat was pulled down to shade his eyes. Typical Kaleb, his expression was unreadable. He crossed his arms over his chest. A truck rumbled down the drive, flinging dust into the air. It slid to a stop next to mine. Pete climbed out of the cab with a wide grin on his face. His cowboy hat was pushed back his head.

“I didn’t believe it when Kaleb told me this morning.” He stuck his thumbs in his belt loops and rocked back on his heels. “I had to see for myself.”

I laughed. “It’s true. I’m moving to Colorado to be with Katie.”

Pete reached into his back pocket and pulled out a large envelope. He handed it to me. It was stuffed full of money. 

“What’s this for?” I waved it at him.

“A bunch of us got together to chip in for your going away gift.” Kaleb looked down at his boots. “The ranch doesn’t pay well and…you might need it to get off your feet.”

I looked at two of my closest friends. How thoughtful. “Thanks.” I gave them each a hug. “It means a lot.” I choked up.

“You’ll always be welcome here unless you hurt my baby sister.” Kaleb lightly punched me on the arm before heading into the barn.

“Maybe, when you come back, I could use a ranch foreman.” Pete headed to his truck. “Drive safe.”

“I’ll come home for your wedding,” I called at him. 

Pete laughed. “You might be waiting a while.” His truck started with a rumble and turned down the drive.

Shaking my head, I drove my truck down the drive and out of Texas to begin my new life with my soul mate. The lightness in my heart carried me to Colorado.

I hope that you enjoyed this story. If you want to buy it, click HERE!

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