YeahWrite Prompt # 448: On A Ledge

On a Ledge

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On a Ledge of the Mountian I hid from
The World of Pain and Sorrow
Waiting on the Morrow

YeahWrite Prompt # 447

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Dear Father and Mother,

Over the past few years, you have encouraged me to find a wife. Beautiful women in expensive gowns were paraded passed me in ball after ball. I know, I’ve fustrated you for never choosing one. How could I after I lost my heart to a fair maiden I met years ago?

I was on my way to Cousin John’s when I came upon a clearing. She was sitting on a log, reading a book. It was Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespheare. Her jet black hair fell over her shoulders. Her porcelain skin shone in the sun as her ruby red lips moved along with her reading. I had to stop. A large white rabbit sat on her lap as a black as night raven sat on her shoulder. When I stepped into the clearing, a lovely pink tinted her cheeks as her sky blue eyes widening. I was in love. 

Since that day, she has featured in my thoughts, and dreams when I was sleeping. A week ago, a tapping on my window woke me from my dreams. Her raven sat on my windowsill, squawking at me. I tried to push it away to close the window, but it flew into my room. It circled me until I grabbed a pack and followed it. The raven led me for four days. We traveled through forests and meadows. I climbed mountains and transverse valleys. Finally, we reached a clearing in the forest.

There was the love of my life, laid in a glass box. Seven little men stared down at her with tears in their eyes. The white rabbit perched on her chest, swiveling its gaze from her to me. The sharp break of the raven poked me in the back. I crept up to the glass coffin. Her ruby red lips pulled at my heart. As I kissed her cold lips, her lovely eyes fluttered open. Cheers, chirps and animal cries erupted in the clearing.

Her name is Annabelle and we were married today. You will get to meet her soon.

With love,

Prince Alfred

Book Review: Her Boss by Anne-Marie Meyer

Her Boss by Anne-Marie Meyer

Narrated by Liz Krane

Book Blurb from Goodreads:

She's the nanny. He's the boss. Feelings weren't supposed to get involved.

Joshua Braxton has moved back home to Honey Grove with his son after a heart breaking divorce. Determined to hide out at his parent's house to heal his wounds, he's decided that love is the last thing he needs. Too bad his mom, known as the town's busybody, has a different plan in mind. She not only invites Beth, the girl who grew up across the street and declared her love for him as kids, to dinner, but she also suggests that he hire her as his nanny. All of this wouldn't matter if Beth were still the lanky girl next door instead of the beautiful and mysterious woman she’s become.

Beth Johnson is back home in Honey Grove after losing her job and getting dumped by her longtime boyfriend. When she discovers that her mother has been keeping her cancer a secret, Beth can't help but make her stop a permanent stay. Desperate to find a job, she agrees to Mrs. Braxton's proposal that she nanny Josh's son. If only she could forget her past feelings for Josh then this might be the best option for her. Too bad that's easier said then done.

Feelings start to deepen and both begin to realize that perhaps, fate brought them together. But as Beth's feelings grow, she realizes she can't both respect her mother's wishes of keeping her cancer a secret and let Josh into her life like she so desperately wants to. With their past hurt lingering on their minds, both are left to decide if love is worth fighting for or if being together just isn’t in the cards for them.

Book Review:

This is the first one in the Braxton Brothers series. This is also my first read by Anne-Marie Meyers.

The narratoration was very well done. She brought the story alive by changing her inflection based on which POV she was reading. Her voice was easy to listen to and drew me into the story.

The story was a very sweet romance about a girl in love with the boy next door. Fast forward several years, when she came home after being dumped by her fiance just to find Josh also came home due to a nasty divorce. they go through the awkwardness of becoming reacquainted. Plus, Josh has an adorable little boy that provided the glue for the story.  The story moved right along until the secret Beth kept from him threatened to destroy their fragile relationship. 

It was definitely a sweet feel-good story with a HEA. Thank you to the author for this audiobook. I am going to look for the next ones on Kindle Unlimited.

YeahWrite Prompt # 448: On A Ledge

On a Ledge   image by Iqbal Nuril Anwar on Pixabay   On a Ledge of the Mountian I hid from The World of Pain and Sorrow ...