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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day from a small town!


Hi Dear Reader!

I am writing to you from my living room couch. The kids are sleeping and Tank, the Dachshund, is curled up next to me. He isn’t super thrilled about the fireworks being shot off. The city is having a great show from the fairgrounds and my neighbors are also shooting some off. Do you enjoy fireworks?

fireworks at nighttime

Except for the four years of vet school in Madison, WI, I have lived in a small town for most of my life. Different ones all over the country and some smaller than others. In my current small town, the sheriff lives on my block. He always waves and is offering help to anyone who needs it. The other day he was in his police car and stopped to give some kids riding their bikes stickers for their helmets. The neighbors meet in the street in the late afternoon to share gossip. That is Toddler Bock’s favorite time to go to the park as the neighbors give her treats and juice boxes. When we get to the park, we see the same people everyday. The kids all play together as the adults talk. There is just a charm to living in a small town.

This week’s book giveaway is all romances set in a small town. Maybe you’ll find one or two or three that need to be on your ereader!

July Small Town Romance

If you want to check out my Substack, we are in the middle of reading Second Chance with My Bull Rider. This week's chapter is so sweet and tender. It gave me the feels writing it. You can find it Here! 


Other than that, I promise I will write more frequently. Work is finally slowing down and life is starting to normalize!



Sunday, April 28, 2024

Weekly Update: Back to work and just starting to write


Hi Dear Reader,

Welcome back to the blog. 

Life Update/Vet story:

This past week has been busy at the Bock household. My maternity leave ended and I started back to work. It was a little sad as it seemed like the 6 weeks went by so fast and part of me wasn’t quite to go back to work. The other part of me was excited to get back to my clients and their horses. Maternity leave felt a little like a self-imposed isolation and I am looking forward to talking about horses again.

So Hubby and I packed up the two kiddos and took them with us this week. One of our first appointments was to geld a colt. It was a bittersweet appointment as this was the last colt that my client had bred as they are getting out of the horse breeding visit. Thankfully, the appointment went well. The colt behaved and the surgery went smoothly. Baby Bock came along and spent the hour in the arms of my client’s wife while Big sister sat next to me and watched the whole surgery. She is not squeamish with blood. :)

A few years ago, I had to geld a colt for them. He was huge, wild, and a little mean. They tried to handle and halter break him before hand but he was pushing 16 hands (a hand is 4 inches) and knew that he was bigger than the humans handling him.

I went to sedate this horse for the surgery and he towered over me, looking down his long nose, like “come on, Doc, give it your best”. As I slid the needle with the sedative into his vein, he reared up, striking out with his front feet. Dodging the flailing hooves, I was able to give him the medicine. But it wasn’t enough to calm him down. After another dose, he was sedated enough to be brought out to the grassy area. We always geld the colts laying down in a flat area covered in thick grass. Most of the time, it is in people’s front yards. I gave him another injection which puts him under anesthesia and Hubby helps the horse to lay down on the grass.

Hubby’s job is to monitor the horse, give more drugs if needed, and to help the horse lay down and stand up. He was monitoring this horse and said, “You better make this quick.” He placed a blindfold over the eyes to help the horse relax.

The surgery went well. As I was finishing up, Hubby called out, “you done?”

“Yep.” I dropped my surgical instruments into a bucket.

“Then, you better get back. He’s going up.”

I pulled off my gloves and stepped back.

The colt jumped up like he had been taking a nap, tossed his head, and sent the blindfold flying. Then, he took off.

Hubby held onto the lead rope trying to wrangle this young horse into the barn. Did I mention this was a future racehorse? They went around in circles in the yard, tearing it up, until the owner was able to make a runway into the barn. We herded the colt into his stall and slammed the door.

That was an experience. That horse is currently being trained as a racehorse and they said that he is fast.

Thankfully, this year’s colt was a perfect gentleman.

Writing Update:

I am just getting back into the swing of things. I was listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one. The podcast was about making time to achieve your goals. The guest made a comment that to do a little bit every day, even if it isn’t close to how much you want to achieve. I thought about that and he was right. My ultimate daily goal is to write about a 1,000 words per day. Before Baby Bock #2, I was able to do that. But with the new baby, I find that I am tired and don’t have an hour to get those words down. Plus, my creative juices are lacking. So, I set up my writing station on my desk. Whenever I have a few minutes, I sit down and stare at the page. The first few days I wasn’t able to get much written. Then, I was able to write a sentence or two. After about a week, I finally am able to get a few paragraphs done every night. It isn’t close to the 1,000 word goal, but it is better than a blank page. I had hoped to be done with this story soon but I am only about 25% done. That’s ok. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

On the newsletter, we are reading the 10th chapter of Second Chance with My Bull Rider. If you are interested in reading it with us, check it out at

Here’s a cute picture of my horse, Amber. We are getting ready to go for a ride, but we had to brush off the winter hair and mud first.

Allie Bock


That’s all for now.



Friday, April 12, 2024

Back in the Saddle

Hi Dear Reader,

It has been several months since my last post. I decided to try some new things in between them and now. Some of them worked and others not so much. So I am back here to share my writing updates, thoughts, and the excitement in my life. 

So what's new?

I moved Substack for my newsletter and community. I send out weekly blasts with new reads, interesting life updates, and more. It is similar to the content here but is different. Right now, we are working our way through Delilah and Kade's story. A chapter gets sent out every week. If you want to read more and be a part of our discussion you can join in at:

It is free to join and you won't miss anything. 

If you love my writing, you can join at the subscriber level for $5.00 a month to just support me. You get all of my stories and early access to my stories before they are published. It's super exciting.

I also set up an online store where you can buy my ebooks directly from me. Why would you do that? It helps to support me directly. It is still needs some polish but it is there at the top of the page.

I have stepped back from social media. If you want to be kept up to date I recommend bookmarking this website or joining the community at I can tell more about that in a future post.

I am looking forward to writing on this website again and I'd love to hear from you!


Happy Independence Day from a small town!

  Hi Dear Reader! I am writing to you from my living room couch. The kids are sleeping and Tank, the Dachshund, is curled up next to me. H...