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Monday, January 9, 2023

Setting intention for the New Year

 Hi Dear Reader,

I hope you had a wonderful New Year and a good holiday season. If you read my previous post, we had a rough couple of weeks. I didn't get a chance to set my New Years Resolutions, or goals. So this will be it.

The buzz in the author community is to pick a word for the year. It is supposed to help you approach the year with that in mind. It could even be a goal. For example: productivity could be that you want to stay busy, you can't be lazy, or you want to churn out a certain numbers of books. The reason this works is a concept called conceptual blending. Your brain wants to take that word and make connections to it. It is the way writing prompts work, puzzles, probably crosswords, and solving other problems. Pretty cool, isn't it?

I don't really want to pick a word. I want an action or a concept. I've decided to approach 2023 with the intention of unapologetic authenticity and focusing on what matters. I want to be conscious of where I'm spending my time. (I'm looking at you Etsy app.) How I am spending my time and with who.

The blog is coming up on its 5th year anniversary next month. I realized that I had stopped using it as a blog. Instead, I have been copying and posting portions of my newsletters here. (If you want to get them, sign up at the top of the page!) It is a waste of a good blog. 

As part of my goal, I am going to cut the fat and buckle down on the things I enjoy the most. I'm focusing on rejuvenating this blog and developing my Substack. I have some pretty cool ideas in the works. I can't wait to share them with you. Also, I'm concentrating on my stories. I have two coming out in 2023 which will wrap up the Kisment Family. I have another spin-off series started and ideas for three more related series. I just need to write consistently. :) 

I will also share more pictures of Tank!

Allie Bock

Tank likes to ride with Baby Bock. She feds him goldfish all the time!

What does your 2023 look like? What's your word?



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