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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

December 2022 Newsletter


Hi dear Reader,

How have you been? I hope this finds you well. It has been a bit since I last wrote. I’ve done some soul searching and have decided to change things up in my blog. Instead of twice a month, I’m going to do once a month on the first Tuesday of the month. Then if I have any new releases or special promotions, they will be in a special short note. (I’m working on something special for newsletter subscribers for the holidays). Subscribe Here

November was a busy month for my family and I. We decided to go to San Antonio for a week of vacation. It was a great trip. We drove down from Minnesota, and it took us two days to get there. We stopped several times to let Baby Bock run around at play places and rest stops. The countryside was beautiful and the trip went smoothly. Driving through Texas was the hardest part. I think we hit every single construction site and back up through Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco. But we finally made it to San Antonio. Hubby got us reservations at the Crockett Hotel which is right next to the Alamo. It was fun to stay in a historic hotel and be within walking distance to all of the stuff. We did the audio tour of the Alamo where they give you a device with recordings on it and we press the buttons for each exhibit we see. Baby Bock thought it was a phone and kept taking mine to “talk” on it. I found the history of the Alamo fascinating and the exhibits were well done. We also walked the Riverwalk and ate at the Hard Rock CafĂ©. Baby Bock isn’t the best at sitting still for long times in restaurants. The other really cool thing we saw was the Briscoe Western Art Museum. They had all sorts of art from paintings to sculptures to exhibits on tack that was used. My favorite was seeing the different saddles that were used on horses. We also caught up with several friends from the area and then drove back home. San Antonio is one of my favorite cities to visit. What is your favorite place to go visit?

We got home just in time for Thanksgiving. Honestly, we were too tired to cook a big meal. A couple of friends invited us over for homemade apple and pumpkin pie. There is nothing like homemade pie. We ate too much and didn’t do much else for the weekend. How was your Thanksgiving?

With all that going on, I have been working on some books. My Cowboy of Convenience is almost done. I will be waiting for after the New Year to announce a launch date. It will be the last book of that series. I’m working on a spin-off series with more cowboys and horses and strong women. I’ll tell you more about it when I get the details ironed out.

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