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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September Update!

 Dear Reader,

How are you doing? Can you believe that summer is almost over with? The local schools started back in session. The Minnesota State Fair is in full swing.

Our county fair was last week. It was so hot but Hubby and I had a blast. We walked through the 4-H and FFA barns to look at all the animals. Then, we ate fair food until our stomachs were full. I ordered the gyro and my absolute favorite...a funnel cake with apples and cinnamon. Have you been to any fairs this year?

Besides the fair, I've been busy getting ready for my parents and in-laws coming to visit in September. Tank and I spent last evening cleaning the house and reorganizing our bookshelves. I organized the books by genre and size. They aren't piled in disorganized stacks, anymore! It feels good to have some order again. I'd love to see pictures of your bookshelves!

Author Allie Bock

My Unexpected Hero (Lindsay and Kurt's story) is still at the editors. It should be done soon. It is up for preorder. If you are interested, follow this LINK!

I have about 16,000 words written on the next Cowboy of Sunnydale story. Kaleb gets his turn at finding love, if he doesn't push her away first. I haven't figured out where the story is going at the moment, but am having lots of fun getting to know his love interest.

What are you reading this week? I just picked up a book by new-to-me author, Jessica Anne Renwick. Novel Dreams is a sweet and clean small town romance. Wanna-be author Anna has her book deal cancelled and is struggling to make ends meet. She ends up running into the man that shattered her dreams. I'm really enjoying it so far. It reminds me of You've Got Mail, and who doesn't love that movie? Plus, the cover is just adorable.

Allie Bock

That's all I have for now. Have a great Labor Day weekend!



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