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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Why did I Start Writing?

Why did I start writing?

I have always been a voracious reader. I have a bookshelf full of books and a Kindle that always has some new titles on it. I was happy with that. I had a full-time career and I read in my free time. All that changed in 2018 when I was injured at work and had to spend 4 months with my leg propped up on the couch. One night, I wanted to read a story about something particular and I could not find it on my shelves, at the library, or on Amazon. My husband encouraged me to write it myself. So I spent the next four months writing that story. 

Since then, the injury healed and I am back to work. But the addiction has taken root. I spend my free time coming up with new stories, reading books on plots and storytelling, and watching podcasts on writing. I am thankful the hubby is supportive. He listens to my brainstorms, reads my rough drafts, and helps out when I get stuck. I enjoy coming up the characters. They become real to me and it is interesting to see how they attack their problems in life. It has been a fun journey. 

Do you enjoy writing? Who is your support network? How did you get started?

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