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Monday, September 30, 2019

Writing About an Average Guy

Hi #WritingCommunity,

I am writing this at midnight as I had an interesting conversation tonight that I would like to share.

I am working on my Sunnydale series, which will be sweet romances. To study for it, I have been reading tons of wholesome/clean, sweet, and even some spicy romance. I like variety and it is fun to see how other authors play with their stories.

Anyway. To set the scene, hubby and I are just finishing our dinner when the phone rings. Cowboy J has a horse that is sick and needs to be seen ASAP. Hubby says, “I’ll come with you.” (We don’t see each other very much due to opposite work schedules.) We pack up our stuff and go look at Cowboy J’s horse. This poor horse needs to come into the hospital for treatment. We load the horse up to take to the hospital.

We are in the hospital getting ready to put an IV in the horse, when Cowboy J asks how we met. Hubby tells him about our meet cute. (I will share another time.) Cowboy J comments how that is just like in the Hallmark movies that his wife watches. He goes on to say that he never can live up to the men in the movies. His wife tells him about how Mr. Hallmark would have done something more romantic than Cowboy J did. He is a very nice guy. He loves his wife and family very much, but he sounds a little frustrated with the way TV portrays the perfect couple.

It just made me think. Are all men in romance too perfect? Do we need them to be perfect to escape from reality? Would anyone read a romance about a nice guy who works hard, doesn’t have a lot of money, and may have a beer belly? I started to write about a down on his luck cowboy that gets helped out by the heroine. I am not sure if I will continue with it or not. Would there be readers for it?

I don’t know if I have the answers. I know I like to read about hot men with money who know where they are going. I also happened to marry someone that has all of that except the billionaire part. ;)

What do you think? 


This my own horse. Not the one in the story.

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