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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Trying New Things!

 Hi Dear Reader,

How are you doing this month?

We in the Bock household are getting antsy for spring to get here. Our part of Minnesota had over 12 inches of snow last week and this week it has been above freezing and raining, turning the snow-covered landscape into a slushy slop.

This past weekend, Hubby and I took Baby Bock out to see the horses. My horse, Amber, just loves having a little girl in her life. She walks right up to Baby Bock and nuzzles her. Amber follows Baby Bock around the barn being careful where she walks and watches over Baby Bock.

I mentioned to Hubby that I think I need to start looking for a new saddle for Amber. One with a bigger seat so that Baby Bock can ride in front of me this summer. Last summer, she rode in a carrier on my back. She is too big for that now.

He brought out his old roping saddle and said, “I’m not using this one. It might just fit your horse.” He tossed it on Amber’s back and tightened the cinch.

“That may actually work.” I walked around my horse. The saddle seemed to fit her perfectly.

Baby Bock came toddling by, dragging a piece of string in the dirt. Hubby grabbed her and set her in the saddle on Amber’s back. “Why don’t you take her for a spin in the arena and see how she likes the saddle?” He rested his hand on Baby Bock’s little leg.

Baby Bock sat up straight and grabbed the saddle horn with both hands. I led Amber around the arena several times. Baby Bock smiled and laughed; while Amber walked slowly and kept her ears flicked back to listen to the happy babbles.

Baby Bock had a great time riding for the first time without someone up on the horse’s back with her. Amber is transitioning gracefully from being my full-time riding horse to being a kid horse. And I found a saddle that will fit her to fulfill my goals with her this summer.

Life is very similar to my story. It is about trying new things or old things that you passed on the first time. If I hadn’t tried that saddle, I would shopping for a new one this spring. (Shopping isn’t bad. It’s just trying to find the right one.) If I hadn’t tried Hubby’s old saddle, Baby Bock wouldn’t have gone for her first solo ride. Life is about finding what works and going for it. I never know what surprises will be along the way.

This brings me to my newsletter. I want to try some new things in it for a few months and see what you think. If you like them, great we will keep it. If you don’t like them, I’ll cut it and move on to something else.

Writing Update

I am halfway through the edits on my latest book, My Cowboy of Convenience. After this round, I just have the proofreading to do. Yah!!!

I want to try something new and see what you think about it. Every Thursday, I am going to send you one chapter a week of My Cowboy Crush.

Why would I do this? I need a little extra push to finish this one. If it goes well, I might do it for the next story. Also, I would like your feedback on my story. What you think of it, if you like the characters, that kind of thing.

I’ll do it for the month of March and see what you think. Do you like getting chapters emailed to you every week or not?

Book Recommendations

I read two really good books this past month that you might like.


Remi Carrington is one of my favorite authors. Her stories are sweet, clean, light, and funny. Her characters always find themselves in sticky situations that make me laugh out loud. I adored One Guy I Can’t Date. The main trope is the brother’s best friend. I love that trope, really any spin on friends to lovers is my jam. Haley has always had a crush on Zach, but her older brother forbade her from chasing after Zach when she was in middle school. Fast forward several years, Zach gets dumped by his fiancée in the hallway outside of Haley’s apartment, which she eavesdropped on through her peep hole. Then Zack gets invited to Thanksgiving with Haley and her brother. Of course, things happen and sparks fly. But they have to hide their feelings from each other and the brother until they can’t anymore. It is so cute.

Book Blurb:

Never date your brother’s best friend

There is one guy on my ‘do not date’ list. Zach Gallagher. It’s not that I’m not attracted to him. Because I’ve been crushing on him since I was ten.

The trouble is, he still treats me like I’m that kid who fell for him. Oh, and did I mention that he’s my brother’s best friend? Attraction or no, he’s totally off limits.

When a Thanksgiving camping trip (which wasn’t my idea) goes wrong and forces me to accept Zach’s help, I have trouble remembering all the reasons he’s on the list.

Then the drop-dead gorgeous deputy has the nerve to show interest, and I have to figure out how to navigate the new normal. Teasing turns into flirting . . . until my brother figures it out. He hates the idea of his little sister dating his best friend.

When Zach asks me out, I’m forced to choose, which is heart wrenching. But breaking up a twenty-year friendship is even worse. What am I going to do?

One Guy I'd Never Date is a sweet romantic comedy with heartwarming characters and a touch of sizzle that will have you laughing your way to the happily ever after.

One Guy I'd Never Date

The other book I read that I enjoyed was one I borrowed from my library.

Her Cowboy Distraction by Carla Cassidy was more action packed and suspenseful than Remi Carrington’s book. There was some swearing and fade to black scenes. Lizzie is busy fulfilling her bucket list that she promised her mother that she would do. One of the things was to work in a café in a small town. She noticed one of the local ranchers comes in every weekend by himself and orders two pieces of pie. On a whim, she sits down with him when she delivers his two pieces of pie. A friendship forms between the two of them. They don’t want anything more. She doesn’t want to fall in love and he is still mourning his deceased wife. But then trouble hits town and throws them together. Are they able to stay friends or do their feeling blossom into more as they overcome their hang ups. It was a page turning all night sort of read, especially if you like suspense or mystery with lots of romance.

Book Blurb:

She'd been watching the handsome rancher for a while, just a lone cowboy eating pie with an empty chair beside him. One night, Lizzie Wiles, Cowboy Café's feisty new waitress, went over and dared to interrupt his tortured solitude. Daniel Jefferson seemed shocked by her boldness as he buried himself in guilt over his wife's mysterious death. Lizzie tried to penetrate his gloom, but in the end, found herself falling in love. Having plans to leave town, she didn't want to think of these consequences. Worse, someone really wanted her to disappear now! Attacked and warned to leave, Lizzie had every reason to go, but she had one undeniable reason to stay.

My Cowboy Distraction

That is all for now. Below is another giveaway of free sweet and clean romance books if you are needing more for your ereader!

Watch for Chapter 1 of My Cowboy Crush on Thursday. I would love to hear what you have to say!



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