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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February Newsletter

Hi Dear Reader,

How are you doing? 

It has been bitter cold here with negative wind-chill temperatures. It is perfect weather for curling up with a good book and a hot drink. I have a bunch of promos and giveaways at the end of the email.

I have been very busy with my veterinary business, so my writing has been squeezed in the late-night hours. The cold weather seems to affect the frail horses the most. They don't drink enough water or eat enough hay. 

This past month I had several patients colic. Colic is general term for any stomach pain. It can be simply eating a weed and being gassy to life threatening. I usually treat with some pain relievers. If that doesn't resolve the symptoms, I will then place a stomach tube and give fluids and electrolytes. I currently don't do surgery as a solo ambulatory practitioner. 

When I practiced in Texas, we had a full hospital, staff, and a surgeon that would do colic surgeries. It usually takes a team of 6-8 people working together to perform colic surgeries.  The horse is an amazing creature, and its GI tract is complicated and fragile.

Luckily, all of the horses recovered with some medical care and TLC from their owners. Yah! It is scary for owners, and I end up worrying about them as much as the owner!

This brings me to my writing update. My next book is about a veterinarian who moves to Sunnydale. I can't wait to share her adventures with you as she tries not to fall in love. I have something exciting planned for the book as I work through final edits, so stay tuned for a special announcement in March!

Below are some promos and giveaways to check out. My last release, My Unexpected Hero, is also on sale for $0.99 all month!

Hugs and happy reading,


P.S. There are tons of books below! See if you can find some that interest you and fill your e-reader! I know that I will!

Currently Free!
Book Blurb: 
Love comes from the most unexpected places. Sometimes it just comes with a jellyfish sting. Timothy is in need of a fresh start. Away from the family drama and his messy past. And what’s a more perfect place than Miami, the City of Magic, to leave everything behind and begin a new life. But running away from your problems never works out for anyone. There’s a lot more waiting for him in the city than just catching the perfect wave and hanging out on beaches. As they say, love comes in the most unexpected way, and it’s about to change his life completely… READ IT NOW

Currently Free!

Book Blurb: A girl’s obsession with all things horses carried her on some epic adventures and landed her in precarious situations. When her first horse came with the same name as the hero of her favorite book, Misty of Chincoteague, it seemed like a match made in heaven. However, it didn’t take long for Sarah to learn there is no such thing as a good fairy tale without a little trouble. It turns out horses cause a lot of trouble. From first rides and crashes to making road-trip errors and staring at the belly of a horse in full-on Black Stallion mode, follow Sarah on her wild adventures from the safety of your own home … or wherever you are reading.                     READ IT NOW

Book Blurb: One line written in bold print: Hands Off the Cute Nanny

Life in shambles, Mandi takes Colette up on an offer to stay in her attic apartment. But there's one little hitch, Colette's brother Cris and his daughter will be her roommates. When Cris gets offered a job in town, he's desperate for a nanny and Mandi fits the bill. Being a nanny and baking cupcakes will give her time to plan a future... hopefully, starting with her love life. Problem is...Colette had one rule for Mandi. Cris is totally off limits. But with Cris looking this delicious, can she resist just one taste?

A sweet single-dad Valentine's romance with cupcakes and 90's music galore, but a three-year-old matchmaker with a heart of gold, all set in a quirky small town. Come spend another season in Snowhaven.             READ IT NOW!

Book Blurb:

Her secret could ruin them. But can she resist his charm?

Tessa: Working in a diner is hardly my idea of a dream job, but at least my old life will never find me here. I’ve got secrets from a past career and previous relationships – secrets that could spell the end of me.

The moment Spencer walked through the door, his mystery made my heart flutter. One night with him and I’m hooked. But with a past like mine, I can’t afford to let him get any closer…

Spencer: I’ve got one rule, never fall in love. So why can’t I get my mind off of her? I’ve got it all—money, success, looks, the works—I don’t need a runaway attraction ruining my perfect life.

But ever since I laid eyes on her, I can’t help feeling that there’s something more between us. I’ve been dying to know what her curves look like under that uniform... and I always get what I want.

She’s an honest, whole-hearted, and headstrong girl with a dark past. He’s a self-made billionaire searching for closure. When Spencer stumbled into a backwater diner on the hunt for an estranged family member, he never could have expected to find Tessa. He doesn’t know her dangerous secrets, and she has no idea she’s fallen into the arms of her perfect protector…

Brimming with lust, steam, and the heart-pounding possessiveness of an alpha billionaire, this action-packed romance series will keep you on your toes.

High stakes, drama, witty banter, and a ton of twists you won’t see coming; get ready to dive into Hope’s newest & badest series yet, Drawn To The Billionaire.  


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