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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Are you a brat or burger person?


Hi Dear Readers!

How have you been?

Summer is in full swing in Minnesota. There are cookouts, county fairs, fireworks every weekend in our town, town festivals, the farmers markets, and lots of time in the water. It always seems like it flies by so fast, especially up here. We have been busy going to family functions with our little person. There is always a lot of food and it’s fun to watch Baby Bock try new things. Standard fair for Upper Midwest cookouts is brats, burgers, hotdogs, watermelon, corn on the cob, bake beans, and some sort of Jell-O. My grandma makes this wonderful green pistachio fluff. Hubby’s mom makes a delicious orange fluffy Jell-O.

The question of the week is: are you a brat or a burger person? When you go to a cookout, which do you put on your plate?

Let me know what you like with a comment!

I’m definitely a brat person. My hometown butcher shop had the best brat (at least I think so). My dad would boil them in beer before placing them on the grill. They were so delicious. I’m not a sauerkraut person. Shame, isn’t it? So, I eat mine with mustard.

In my books, Sunnydale is a small town in Texas. It is totally fictional as it’s a mashup of all the small towns I’ve lived in. I love living in small towns because everyone knows everyone. And a lot of times it seems like people are more welcoming in a small town. Being a veterinarian, I get to know a lot of the people, at least the ones with animals.

One Saturday afternoon, I received a call from a client that she noticed that her cow was calving. If I had time, would I please come to help. Of course, I said absolutely, and I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I changed into my scrubs and coveralls. (Calving get messy and it was a Saturday.) Hubby and I get in the truck and head to her place.

We arrive to the place and a cookout is in full swing. There’s a grill going, several coolers of beer, and tables of food. Not to mention people. It seemed like all the neighbors and relatives were there. Nothing like performing to an audience. So, we head out around the barn to where this cow is trying to have her baby. It was a wet summer and there was a lot of mud. The woman’s husband, who wasn’t a rancher, jumped into the pen with his white tennis shoes and khakis shorts. He sloshed through the mud to chase the cow into the chute. His shoes weren’t white anymore.

He was puffing but the cow walked calmly into the chute. I gave her an epidural to lessen her contractions and helped her push out her baby. She had twins and they were all tangled up. Once I got them untangled, they popped out. Two healthy baby boys.

Once the cow and calves were moved to a small pasture, Hubby and I were invited to stay for the cookout. I don’t remember what we had for food, but everyone teased the woman’s husband about his ruined shoes!

The joys of being a vet in a small town!

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