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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Fighting a loss of creative energy

Hi dear Reader,

How have you been? 

For my writing, things have been at a standstill. I finished the first draft of My Cowboy of Convinence earlier this month. I thought I could jump into the next book.

But I couldn't.  It seems silly to say this. My characters aren't coming to life. I can't even think of good names for them. Most of it has to do with my personal life, I think. My career and veterinary business has taken off. Not that I'm complaining but I'm tired.


So I put my writing away for a while and decided to fill my creative well, at least until my busy seasons over. Hubby and I have been watching movies. Last weekend, we watched An Affair to Remember. It is one of my all time favorite romances. It's heartbreaking yet ends well. I've also been reading more books, just whatever catches my fancy.

And I've been dabbling in Artifical Intelligence generated art, which has been surprisingly fun. I'm using Night CafĂ© Studio to create them. I put in a prompt of what I want to create. For example: Oklahoma prairie. Then, I determined which artist I want the AI to imitate. Let's  try Edgar Payne. Next, I add modifersand let it run.

Here's the result. What do you think?
Createdby AJ Bock on the Night Cafe

I'm going to use them to spark my writing muse. Wish me luck. Until next time!


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