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Monday, August 2, 2021

Writing Update For August!

Dear Reader,

I hope this finds you well and happy.

This past two weeks have been jammed packed for me. I finally finished Lindsay and Kurt's love story and sent it to my editor this morning. I worked on it every free moment. It got to the point where my dog, Tank, would go lay under the desk when we got in from outside. I am very excited for it to come out. My cover designer is working on the cover this week. It should be up for pre-order by September 15th and a launch date October 15th. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Author Allie Bock

In my push to get the story done, I ended up at my local public library for the first time since Hubby and I moved to Minnesota. It's a nice library in an old building right off of the square. They don't have a lot of books compared to other libraries I've been too. (I used to go to the San Antonio one when I lived in Texas. That one was amazing with multiple floors of books and large enough to get lost in.) Anyway, my local library has a lovely study area with tables, comfy couches, large oil paintings on the wall, and a fake fireplace. I wrote the last part of the story there in piece. Do you go to your local library? What's your favorite part of your library?

My library uses Hoopla and Overdrive/Libby to borrow e-books and audiobooks. I can borrow/read new releases and indie authors on my phone and Kindle with these apps. My books are listed in Hoopla, Overdrive/Libby, and many other library apps. You can request your librarian to add them to your library so you can read them too!

If you can't tell, I am very excited for the new book and can't wait to share it with you. In celebration of finishing, Hubby and I went horseback riding. Below is a picture of my horse, Amber. It was beautiful out. It was the first day in several days that we didn't have air quality warnings due to the Canadian wildfires.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Until next time.



Author Allie Bock

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