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Thursday, December 3, 2020

December 1st Update

 Hey Guys,

How have you been?

I wanted to write this a couple days ago, but things in my life kind of fell apart. I am fine and so is Hubby. And of course, Tank is ok. He has been sleeping in bed with us most nights because he is special. ;) I'll tell you about it once everything is resolved. 

Anyway, my second full length novel Second Chance with My Bull Rider is coming out on December 15th. Actually, it had a soft release last weekend so it is out for sale right now. But there are a couple platforms that are having trouble with being hacked and locked down. For example on Barnes & Noble it doesn't have a cover image for some strange reason. Don't buy that one. Give me a bit to straighten it out.

I am looking for ARC readers. What is an ARC reader? It is someone who gets a free copy of my book and in exchange I just ask for you to post a review (if you like it) on 2 platforms like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, BookBub, etc. You can post a negative review if you really want to, but that does hurt my feelings. I'd recommend an email with constructive criticism. That will help me become a better writer!

So to get an ARC follow the link below!

ARC Copy

Thanks a bunch!


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