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Book Review: Dating Nellie!



Dating Nellie

Book Blurb:

Rich women don’t date their mechanics . . .


Coop keeps telling himself this after the spitfire in the red business suit storms into his auto repair shop and his life. His mantra might work if she didn’t keep coming back. Not that he minds.


Nellie can’t stop thinking about Coop, so she pretends her Jeep is making noises just to see him again. And it turns out the third time is the charm. After a few dates, she knows he is the man she wants. There are only two things standing between her and a happily ever after. A few billion dollars and an old man with a heart of stone.


After a heart-wrenching betrayal, Nellie chases after Coop . . .  which isn’t easy to do in an evening gown.


Now that he knows her secret, will he still want her?


Remi Carrington


Book Review: I absolutely adored this story. Nellie is a high-powered corporate executive that is follows every one of her grandfather’s wishes, except to date some one he deems appropriate. Her car breaks down, and she coasts into a nearby mechanic’s shop. The only one there is Logan Cooper, the owner. After a series of mishaps, the sparks fly and they hit it off. The only catch is that her grandfather doesn’t approve.


This book is the perfect escape for a few hours during the weekend. I finished it in 4 hours or a little less. The setting is in one of my favorite places in Texas, San Antonio. The author described the city perfectly with the atmosphere and the food. I want to go back so badly. The story was very sweet and gave me that happy satisfied feeling. You know when you finish the book and want to bask in the aftermath.

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