What motivates you?

 Hi y'all,

How are things in your neck of the woods? 

I had planned on writing this awesome blog post for you, but I found I had nothing to say. It seems my motivation for writing anything has been waxing and waning. 


So the question is what do you do to motivate yourself? Do you have any special tips or tricks? 

My writing goal for 2021 was to write 500 words a day. Now that doesn't seem that much, but when I'm staring at a blank screen for several minutes it seems daunting. 

So I figured I needed something to keep me accountable. I made a spot in my schedule everyday to write down a word count. I made a little excel sheet to make it into a graph. I give myself a little star everytime I reach the 500 words. Finally, in one of my writing groups there is an accountability thread. It's amazing how motivating that is. Every week, we post our goals and how we did the week before. It is having a great group of people cheerleading for you everyweek. 

What do you do when you get that dreaded writer's block?

This one is hard for me. I have been getting stuck in my story. It usually means that something is wrong, either the plot is weak, the characters are wrong, or motivation is lacking. In my current story, I have 10,000 words of the people walking around town. How BORING! I have found that I need to talk it out and that definitely shows the holes in my story.

The other thing I do is go on Reedsy and look at their writing prompt generator. I pick one and just write for 15 minutes. It helps to get the creative juices flowing.

Until next time,


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