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What we are reading!

Hey everyone! 

How are you doing this November? We have been busy with regular work and writing for NaNoWriMo, so I don't have much time for reading. 

I am listening to audiobooks as I drive around the countryside. I average about 3,500 a month. That is alot of miles and alot of time to listen to things.

I am finishing Penny Reid's Knitting in the City series. I am on book 7, A Marriage of Inconvenience. It is my favorite one so far. Kat is adorable and she actually has demons in her past that it is fun to read about her growth as a person. 

I also just finished Pamela's Cove series. These books are shorter, about 4-5 hours each. It make them perfect of a quick listen when you don't want to spend all week listening to a book. They were great. It followed a family on Nantucket and all of their problems. It was more of a family saga than an actual romance, but I enjoyed it!

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