Book Review: The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller

The Marriage Pact (The Brides of Bliss County, #1)

Book Blurb:

The women of Bliss County are ready to meet the men of their dreams! See how it all begins in this enthralling new series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller...

Ten years ago, Hadleigh Stevens was eighteen and this close to saying "I do," when Tripp Galloway interrupted her walk down the aisle. Now that she's recovered from her youthful mistake and Tripp's interference, Hadleigh and her single friends form a marriage pact. She doesn't expect Tripp to meddle with her new plan to find Mr. Right—or to discover that she's more attracted to him than ever!

Divorced and eager to reconnect with his cowboy roots, Tripp returns to Bliss County to save his ailing father's ranch. He's not looking for another wife—certainly not his best friend's little sister. But he's never been able to forget Hadleigh. And this time, if she ends up in his arms, he won't be walking away!


Linda Lael Miller




Book Review:


Linda is one of my favorite western romance authors. I fell in love with her writing in college when I read her McKettrick Brothers series. This story is very cute and gives me the soft happy feels.


Hadleigh has had a secret crush on Tripp for years but never acted on it. Tripp has hidden feelings for her too, but thinks they are because she is his best friend's kid sister. In an effort to grab Tripp's attention, Hadleigh attempts to marry the town loser. Tripp stops the wedding, but proceeds to break Hadleigh's heart. Fast forward several years, Hadleigh and her girlfriends make a wedding pact only to marry for true love and not to settle. Isn't that sweet? Then, Tripp moves back into town, and you can guess what happens next.


Overall, this isn't one of her best works. The story just goes along like everyday life, and I found the side characters to be much more interesting than the two main characters. Tripp's dad is hilarious and I would read the rest of the series just to read about her best friends. She throws in a red herring when the town loser shows up about 2/3 of way through the book for one scene and makes threats but he never carries through with them. The reader never sees him again. The tension was too little for me. If you like books that are happy and don't have a lot of angst, this is the one for you.

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