Guest Writer: Grant Eagar

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Today, we have a guest writer, Grant Eagar, posting his piece of flash fiction. Last week Sunday, there was a prompt and everyone has to write for 15 minutes. This is what he wrote.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
Prompt: A thin, cotton dress

Sophie looked into the mirror at the thin cotton dress with the blue paisley pattern. She scowled and thought, the dress looks nice for the ball, but where am I going to hide a weapon in this thing? I don’t want Henry to know I have a pistol. I especially don’t want the countess and her goons to know. She took a large pistol and shoved it into her bodice, not only was it uncomfortable it looked like some kind of growth, she didn’t need a third breast. Ugh. She next strapped the pistol to her thigh and walked back and forth in front of the mirror, people would definitely know something was there. She had to strut to keep it from chaffing, she removed it and put a small knife scabbard in its place.

She picked up the parasol and opened it up and taped the pistol to the handle then closed it. It too looked suspicious and what if someone asked why she wasn’t using the parasol? Anyway, she couldn’t carry the parasol into the dance. To spend an evening amongst cutthroats, what wicked fun, at least she would be with Henry. 
She put the pistol back into the drawer then took out a small derringer and tucked it into her bodice along with five bullets. She frowned; she had hoped to have a more substantial weapon, but the derringer would have to do. It also was uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as the pistol.

She looked into the mirror and smiled; she was now ready for the ball. She reached out her hand and pretended Henry was there. “Yes Henry, I would love to dance."

Check out his blog and writings HERE

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