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Book Review: Mind Reader by Kirsty McManus

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Book Blurb From Goodreads:

Kellan Gallo can predict soulmates. Operating out of the nightclub Heaven Sent, his charming reputation and impressive accuracy rate are legendary.

But when Kellan meets stem cell scientist Beatrix Mackenzie, he wonders if his time might be better spent pursuing a more meaningful profession.

After a lucky interview with an employment agency, Kellan suddenly finds himself working as Beatrix’s intern. But with Beatrix convinced Kellan is a fraud, he wonders whether embarking on a career in science might be incompatible with his future happiness.


Beatrix Mackenzie lives her life by the facts. She loves her job as a scientist because of the clear-cut answers it can provide. So when she meets Kellan, she is reluctant to fall for his act.

However, Kellan quickly proves himself to be an intelligent, and oh-so-attractive adversary, causing Beatrix to question everything she knows.

Can two people with such differing worldviews find common ground?

If they’re soulmates, it might just be possible.

Book Review:

Kirsty is an author that I really enjoy reading. Her characters are funny and are full of surprises. This book was a delight to read!

Kellan has a special talent. He’s able to see people’s soulmates by just holding their hand. This special talent has kept him busy every Friday and Saturday night at a friend’s night club. His life was going great until he accidently meets Beatrix.

Beatrix is a scientist. She’s most comfortable when the world makes sense with facts and numbers. She reads an article on the famous Kellan and calls it poppycock. (My word not in the book.) Then, she ends up sharing a cab together.

She is defensive towards him and he is smitten. Can he break down her walls? Will she let him?
The story is so cute. Kellan was my favorite character. He was sad he couldn’t find love but never it let him stop from being a fun-loving character. Beatrix was the perfect person to work off of him as they were total opposites. Kirsty is an artist with her stories. There were funny scenes, some serious, and of course a wonderful ending!

This is my honest opinion. I got this book off of KU.

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