Book Review: The Cowboy's Rescue by Leslie North

The Cowboy’s Rescue (McCall Ranch Brothers, #2)
Book Blurb:

Single mom Heather Browning will do anything to get away from her controlling ex-husband--including buying a rundown strawberry farm in Montana. Maybe the locals are right, maybe she is crazy. Still, she’ll do anything to keep her twin son and daughter safe and happy—and keep her ex out of the picture. When her only horse comes up lame, she calls local veterinarian Randy McCall. The sexy cowboy takes one look at her farm and dilapidated house and offers his help, but Heather is quick to say no. She doesn’t need anyone’s help—no matter how gorgeous and tempting Randy is. But after hurting her ankle and discovering her roof is riddled with leaks, she reluctantly agrees to temporarily move herself and the twins to the McCall Ranch. If Heather wanted a charming, sexy, man—which she does not—Randy would be perfect. Good thing she only wants to be friends…

For as long as he can remember, Randy has liked saving things. So when he’s hit with the impossible-to-ignore need to help Heather, he chalks it up to his nature. Thanks to matchmaking townsfolk, Randy is “given” to Heather for twenty-four hours of free labor, and he’s happy to oblige. It’s certainly not because he’s crazy attracted to her. Definitely not because the twins are making him think silly thoughts about being a dad. And no way is it because that one soft kiss made his heart feel like it was struck by lightning. Even as Randy tells himself—over and over—that he’s not a relationship kind of guy, his stubborn heart doesn’t believe it. Knowing Heather has already been hurt by a man, he decides to stop things before they get out of hand. But can he stop himself from falling in love?

This novel contains sexual content and referenced violence.

Book Review:

This is the second book in the McCall Ranch Brothers series. I didn’t read the first one and I wasn’t lost at all. Each book follows the story of a brother.

Cover: It was the main reason I grabbed this book on Netgalley. I like the contrast of colors of the setting sun and the title. Also, the cowboy has perfect abs. 😉 If all cowboys looked like him, I think ranching would be a more popular career.

Characters: I found myself drawn to the characters. Heather was trying to escape an abusive ex-husband. She moved her and her adorable children to a small town in the middle of no where. She is just the type of character I like cheering for. Someone who has released how bad their situation is and struggles to change it. Randy moved to town when his parents died and left him and his brothers the ranch. He is a reluctant hero. He is not sure he wants to be there. He’s a veterinarian by trade. As a veterinarian myself, Randy was portrayed with the fatal flaw of being a vet. He has a lot of empathy and has to help people. It may go above and beyond helping Heather when the town starts talking about how much he is helping her.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The characters were great. The tension kept the story moving. The only thing I would comment is that the ending wrapped everything up really quick, also most too quick. I wanted her to have a huge confrontation with her ex but that didn’t happen. 

I received this story from Netgalley. This is my honest opinion.

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