YeahWrite Prompt # 447

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Dear Father and Mother,

Over the past few years, you have encouraged me to find a wife. Beautiful women in expensive gowns were paraded passed me in ball after ball. I know, I’ve fustrated you for never choosing one. How could I after I lost my heart to a fair maiden I met years ago?

I was on my way to Cousin John’s when I came upon a clearing. She was sitting on a log, reading a book. It was Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespheare. Her jet black hair fell over her shoulders. Her porcelain skin shone in the sun as her ruby red lips moved along with her reading. I had to stop. A large white rabbit sat on her lap as a black as night raven sat on her shoulder. When I stepped into the clearing, a lovely pink tinted her cheeks as her sky blue eyes widening. I was in love. 

Since that day, she has featured in my thoughts, and dreams when I was sleeping. A week ago, a tapping on my window woke me from my dreams. Her raven sat on my windowsill, squawking at me. I tried to push it away to close the window, but it flew into my room. It circled me until I grabbed a pack and followed it. The raven led me for four days. We traveled through forests and meadows. I climbed mountains and transverse valleys. Finally, we reached a clearing in the forest.

There was the love of my life, laid in a glass box. Seven little men stared down at her with tears in their eyes. The white rabbit perched on her chest, swiveling its gaze from her to me. The sharp break of the raven poked me in the back. I crept up to the glass coffin. Her ruby red lips pulled at my heart. As I kissed her cold lips, her lovely eyes fluttered open. Cheers, chirps and animal cries erupted in the clearing.

Her name is Annabelle and we were married today. You will get to meet her soon.

With love,

Prince Alfred


  1. I am such a sucker for a fairy tale retelling! I love that you took the prince's point of view, and that you made this more than a "prince accidentally stumbles across a sleeping princess" kind of story. I'm actually interested in the raven and its motivations - I'm not convinced that they are completely altruistic. Regarding the form of the story, it feels like you wavered between the letter form and the short story form - that is, it doesn't sound quite like a letter, but more like a story that someone is telling. I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it, but I think it's in the way the second paragraph start - you jump right into the story in such a way that it no longer sounds like the prince is addressing his parents.

  2. Snow White was always a rather creepy story with all the attempted murder: live heart in a box, suffocation, poison hair bauble, poison apples, and almost-corpse kissing. The prince's view was interesting, at first I thought he was under a spell from the crow. The dear mom/dad letter makes you think about the logistics of this story and how the prince got away with bringing home a random woman to the palace :o


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