The Wait: Flash Fiction

The Wait

By Allie Bock

Edna swayed on the porch swing as it creaked back and forth. Her milky eyes stared, unseeing, across the yard. Chickens pecked the ground as an old dog snored under the porch.
    “Mom, do you want to come in for some lunch?” A soft had patted her shoulder.
    “No, I am waiting for my Henry to come to get me.”
    “Mom,” a sigh floated on the air. “Dad is gone. Let’s go inside.”
    “He’ll come. Henry never breaks his promises.” Edna slowly straightened her old bones and shuffled into the house.

    The afternoon sun found Edna back on her porch swing. It creaked. The chickens cackled, and the old dog continued to snore. Her paper-thin lids grew heavy in the quiet that came after a meal.
    “I’ll just rest my eyes until my Henry comes,” Edna whispered to herself.
    A ruckus erupted in the yard as the chickens scattered, startling Edna. The old dog let out a loud woof before settling back to his nap. She shielded her eyes against the setting sun. A silhouette of a young man leaned against the gate. 
    “Edna, dear, you look as wonderful as ever.” He strode through the yard. His brown hair was closely trimmed and blue eyes smiled out at her. “Are you ready to go home, my dear?” He extended his hand.
    “Oh yes,” she clutched his hand as he assisted her to her feet. Blonde curls hit her shoulders as her eyesight cleared. They strolled, arm in arm, through the yard, and out the gate. Edna glanced back to see an old woman finally at peace on the porch before everything blinked out in a blinding light.

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