YeahWrite Prompt #446

      This post is written in response to YeahWrite's Prompt #446 with the lovely Beverly with a sinkhole.

    A Friendly Witchy Competition

“Alright folks,” George R. Richmond boomed. He patted his protruding belly and pulled on the edges of his suit jacket. “I need to build an addition onto my house, but as all you lovely people can see.” He swept his arm out to the side as the onlookers careened their necks to get a good look. “There is a large sink hole where I want it to go. Beverly and Trent, here, both claim that they can build over it.” 
    He gestured his arm behind him. Beverly paced on her side of the sinkhole, chewing on her lip. Her work boots squelched in the mud as it splattered up on her jeans. Across the sinkhole, Trent leaned against a tree. He stopped twirling his wand long enough to wave to the crowd.
“Now, whoever constructs their building first will win the one million dollar contract to renovate my house.” A gasp went up from the crowd. George R. Richmond pulled a flare gun from his pocket and pointed it to the sky. “Ready, set, go.” He shouted as a bang emitted. The crowd cheered.
Beverly pulled out a twisted black wand from her sleeves before pushing them up to her elbows. She flicked her wrist at the stacked lumber. The planks floated in the air before assembling into a frame.
On the other side, Trent swept his wand toward the large boulders. They rolled together to form a base. Behind him a large concrete mixer came to life. Its middle spun around, mixing the concrete. Sweat broke out on his brow as Trent directed the concrete. It floated in the air before settling on the rocks. The crowd murmured in appreciation. 
Beverly glanced over to Trent’s side, noticing the flying concrete. She mumbled some words under her breath. A small offshoot of concrete drifted to her side and settled to be the base of her building. 
“Use your own material.” Trent called, his face turning red. 
“There are no rules, Trent!” She sashayed over to her building. She added walls and a roof.
Trent growled in frustration, before swinging his wand in a big circle. A funnel cloud erupted and sucked in Beverly’s project. It dumped the wood back into neat piles.
“Ha, is that the best you can do?” Beverly flicked her wrist back at the wood as it started to reassemble itself. Next, she planted both hands on the ground. The earth shifted beneath the onlookers. Screams burst into the air as the sinkhole moved towards Trent’s building. It slid under the large stone base causing it to collapse inward, filling the sink hole once and for all. Beverly directed her building to settle over the top. With a thump, it connected with the mansion, adding on a library and a den.
A collective cheer rose from the crowd. 
“We have a winner!” George R. Richmond shouted. “Beverly, very clever. You win my contract.” She wiped her hands on her jeans before shaking his hand.
“Next time, Beverly, I won’t be nice.” Trent growled as he stalked by.
She just smiled.


  1. I thought this was a fun take on the builder character. She's now a magician competing in a sort of magic builder's version of Iron Chef. The details really worked for me to put me in the scene, like "He patted his protruding belly and pulled on the edges of his suit jacket" and "She wiped her hands on her jeans before shaking his hand."

  2. I love how you were able to place Beverly into a completely different genre without losing the aspects of her personality that made her so interesting in the original story. In both stories, she displays a kind of friendly ruthlessness and absolute dedication to getting what she wants, and you make me want to read more about her.

    1. Thank you. I thought it would be more fun if she had magic. ;)

  3. haha. Harry Potter meets construction. I dig it. My favorite part had to be the moving of the sinkhole. Why move the building when you can move the hole? :) This was quite fun.


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