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Book Review: Until We Kissed by Heather B. Moore

Until We Kissed By Heather B. Moore

Narrated by Xe Sande

Until We Kissed (Pine Valley Book 6) by [Moore, Heather B.]

Book Blurb From Goodreads:

Livvy knows Dr. Slade McKinney is the perfect man for her, but when she keeps running into Mason, Livvy discovers fate has a different plan.

USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley!

Pine Valley librarian Livvy Harmon has big dreams, which include marrying Dr. Slade McKinney. Trouble is, he’s only kissed her once in their four months of dating, and it wasn’t all that great. But Livvy isn’t ready to give up yet on hooking such an amazing man, even though Slade seems to have time for everyone but her.

When Livvy keeps running into writer Mason Rowe, who seems to be camping out in her library to finish his book under strict orders from his agent, Livvy at first keeps him at arm’s length. But the more their friendship grows, the more she finds that her dream relationship with her doctor boyfriend isn’t so dreamy after all.

Worth the Risk
Where I Belong
Say You Love Me
Waiting for You
Finding Us
Until We Kissed
Let's Begin Again
All for You Less

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Book Review:

This is book #6 of the Pine Valley Series. This is a standalone book. I have not read or listened to any of the other Pine Valley series. This is in fact my first read by the lovely Heather B. Moore.

I just loved this story after getting into it a bit. The beginning was a little fustrating. Livvy was the librarian of Pine Valley. She has a master’s degree and yet is still hanging on to her school girl desire to marry a doctor. Insert eye roll here. I just wanted her to act like a mature woman not the 16 year old girl she was acting like. But alas, she desired/dreamed of marrying a doctor, so she was stuck in a non-relationship with Dr. Slade. The name even sounds shady. Dr. Slade is too busy being a general practitioner to take her on dates and spend time with her. They kissed once in the 5 months that they were dating. ONLY KISSED ONCE. Are you kidding me? What is she waiting for?

Besides Livvy’s frustrating relationship with Dr. Slade, the story was excellent. Mason Rowe was just dreamy, mysterious, and broken. Not to mention, hot. Mason and Livvy’s relationship has a slow start but is very adorable. 

The story moves right along. Moore writes an engaging story. It was so sweet and lovely. I had the happy, butterfly feeling when I was done listening to this. The narrator was also excellent. 

Thank you to author for gifting me this audiobook.


  1. Awe this looks very sweet. Great review.

  2. If he'd only kissed me once in 5 months of dating... I would wonder if I was a beard...

  3. One kiss in 5 months? Ummm... Weird. Glad you enjoyed it despite its flaws.

  4. I am glad that the story picked up and was eventually enjoyable. Lovely review.

  5. Great review. But 1 kiss in that whole time? weird,

  6. Okay...hard to think beyond one kiss in five months...I may have been married forever, but kissing is still great.

  7. Great review, this book looks and sounds like an amazingly cute book and right up my alley as well. I'm really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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