The Finding of Love: A Flash Fiction

The Finding of Love


The coldness creeps from the concrete into the bottom of your feet. Your teeth chatter against one another. Maybe, this will keep you warm, you think as you pull yourself close. How did I end up like this, you ask yourself.
The sun reflected off of the snow, blinding you as you head out for your morning walk. Had you known what you know now you would not have left. It was a beautiful morning. Mrs. Biggs came out to talk to you as you strolled passed, and the twins at the end of the block were out playing. You had seen everything that there was to see in the neighborhood before heading home. 
    The house was dark and silent as you tread up the stairs. You called out, but only the echoing of your voice answered you. They must have gone to the store, you mused as you plopped down on the step to wait. 
That was a few days ago, and here you are still waiting. The darkness of the cold is taking over the sorrow of your loneliness. Slowly the world goes black as the pain in your body wins over the pain in your heart. 
“What did you bring in?” A singsong voice enters your consciousness as long fingers massage your toes and legs.
“Found him on the doorstep of an abandoned house. The neighbors called, worried about him when the temperatures dropped.” A nasally voice came from the distance.
“You poor thing.” The gentle voice cooed. “We’ll get you warmed up, but these ears are badly frostbitten. You may lose them.” A warm breath tickles your face as you crack your eyes to see an angel in a white coat. The strong scent of disinfectant assaults your sensitive nose, causing a sneeze to erupt. She pulls back and wipes her face as a laugh tumbles out.
“Thanks, Officer, for bringing him in. We will get him better in no time.”

Weeks have passed. The tips of the ears are lost, but the rest of your body recovers. Concrete walls surround you. The noise from your neighbors is deafening, causing you to cower in the corner. Every Saturday, the hall fills with people looking to add to their families. It is hard to get caught up in the merriment, as it reminds you of what you lost. People walk on by not even looking at your poor, broken soul. As the last person leaves, a dark silence fills. Mournful songs fill the air from the neighbors not chosen. You sink further into your corner, trying to get away. A step, clunk comes down the hall.  Step, clunk, step, clunk. The chorus dies down as the step, clunk continues. The clip of high heels follows the step, cluck. The step, clunk stops at your door.
“What’s the story with him?” 
“He’s broken hearted from being abandoned.” The familiar soft voice comes closer. “Come here, boy.” It coaxes.
The faint scent of disinfectant wiggles into your nose and one eyelid cracks. The angel in the white coat is kneeling in front of you. A small bit of joy escapes as you draw towards her fingers. A wrinkly old man leans on his cane. He tosses a bit of smoky bacon towards you. Before you know it, your limbs extend to catch the salty morsal before it hits the floor. The happiness starts to burst out of your body. He chuckles a harsh sound as he bends to clip a lead to you.
“My heart is broken, too. We will get along just fine.” 
I follow the step, clunk to a new life.


  1. Allie, good story! I was trying to figure out where it was heading. Loved how it ended! Keep on writing!


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