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Mini Reviews: A Lotus House novels by Audrey Carlan

A Lotus House Novels

Audrey Carlan is one of my favorite authors. I received a few of her Lotus House Novels from Waterhouse Press. Thank you to the publisher for these books. I am doing mini reviews for the three books I received.

I enjoyed the Lotus House Novels for a couple of different reasons.
  1. The Lotus House is a yoga studio, and yoga is a central part to the books. I love yoga. Tank loves to do yoga with me in the mornings, and it is fun to read about yoga. Audrey does a great job describing the Lotus House and its classes. I felt like I was actually taking classes there. Plus she has mini descriptions of chakras and positions at the beginning of each chapter.
  2. All the men are really hot. And the women are just loveable.
  3. Audrey follows all the rules for great romances.
  4. These are part of a series but can be read as standalones with no problem.

Resisting Roots

I enjoyed the first novel of this series. Trent was hunky baseball player that anyone could swoon for, but he had his work cut out for him trying to woo Genevieve. She was everything that he wasn’t used to in a woman. Their romance was just hot, hot, hot.

Sacred Serenity

This one was my absolute favorite. I felt like I identified with Amber as I grew up in a strict Christian household. I understood how she felt about her religion and body. Amber is in school to be a doctor. While I got my doctorate many moons ago, I remember all the stress and pressure it was to be a student. Audrey nailed it perfectly.

I found Dash to be the exact opposite to Amber, and I found them to be a cute couple once they figured out how to be together.

Divine Desire

Mila and Atlas were so much fun to read about. Audrey does an excellent job penning their relationship by trial. It kept me wanting for more. I was sad when this book ended. I just loved how damaged both characters were and how they had to grow.


  1. Great reviews, I'm really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book series. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  2. Great reviews but who is the impostor? And where is Tank :-)

  3. I see you had a good time with these. Great reviews.

  4. Kitty! Thanks for the bite size reviews!

  5. I have read like the 4th book of this series. I need to do back and start from the beginning.

  6. I have the first one of these but looks like I need to gather the rest and get busy

  7. Great review Pam Smart’s Color Me Your Way series. And love the picture.


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