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Book Review: I Thought It Was You

I Thought It Was You by Kristy McManus

Book Blurb From Goodreads:

When Liv Turner takes a cruise to get away from a bad break-up, all she wants to do is hide from the world for a while—and maybe hang out with her brother, who works in the ship’s casino. But soon after boarding, three things happen in quick succession:

1. Liv meets Wells, a gorgeous charity worker on his way to Cozumel.
2. She discovers that her ex has completely drained her bank account.
3. TV celebrity Jamila Castro begs Liv to take on the role of her rehab nurse to stop a vengeful ex co-star from ruining her career.

With Liv broke, and a twenty-thousand dollar incentive to help Jamila out, she reluctantly agrees to a week of pretending to be Nina from Louisiana. The only catch? She isn’t allowed to talk to Wells again. But that becomes difficult when he keeps showing up all over the ship and proving himself to be the perfect guy.

To make matters more complicated, Liv’s brother had booked her trip through a singles group, where it is a requirement to participate in their activities—as herself.

Will Liv be able to avoid having her cover blown, and stop Jamila from being exposed in the media? And will she be able to put Wells out of her mind?

Anything can happen on the Oceanic Aphrodite, but smooth sailing isn’t always one of them.

Book Review:

This is another one in the Oceanic Dreams series. So far this series has been stellar, full of laughs and the good feels.

This story was so cute. I absolutely loved the premise. Heartbroken girl escapes to a cruise. She meets the boy of her dreams, but gets tangled up in a ruse. Then everything falls apart.

Liv was a fun character. I laughed out loud at her tactics. Jamila was also a hoot. The two girls developed an unlikely friendship that was essential to the plot.

I enjoyed Kristy’s story. It was fun and fast paced. The ending was my favorite part of the whole book. She tied all the ends up in a pretty bow. It gave me warm fuzzy feelings as I swiped the last page.

Thank you to the author for this story. This is my honest opinion. You can find this story on Kindle Unlimited!


  1. sounds like a fun read.. and series too...

  2. Great review. I like fun and fast paced.

  3. Great review, this book looks and sounds amazingly fun. I'm really glad you fully enjoyed reading it, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  4. I'm going on a cruise this December...might need to pick this up to read while away!


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