Cover Reveal: The Stranger I Knew

Hey Guys,

Tank and I have something fun this Friday. It's a cover reveal! Yah! This book is written by one of our very own book bloggers. We absolutely love her blog, Bound to Writing. Check it out if you like YA novels, need writing tips, or just want something fun to read. Now on to the cover reveal!

About The Stranger I Knew:
She thought she was going crazy. Angie might be
paranoid but she's certain that someone has been
watching her. At home. At school. But she doesn't
tell anyone because how would that look for the
future cheer captain of Falsetto High? That is until
Angie is kidnapped by someone who is so familiar
he can't possibly be a stranger. Yet she doesn't know
who it is. Will Angie be able to escape the
stranger she knew?

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About Jennifer Leigh:

Jennifer Leigh is a self-published young
adult author and blogger. She has participated in
National Novel Writing Month where all of her
thoughts come together and books are created.
Her blog, Bound to Writing, focuses on young
adult writing and reading. She lives in New Jersey with
her husband, two guinea pigs, and cat.


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