Book Review: Shadow Frost

Shadow Frost

Book blurb from Goodreads:

IN THE KINGDOM OF AXARIA, a darkness rises.

Some call it a monster, laying waste to the villagers and their homes. 

Some say it is an invulnerable demon summoned from the deepest abysses of the Immortal Realm. 

Many soldiers from the royal guard are sent out to hunt it down.

Not one has ever returned.

When Asterin Faelenhart, Princess of Axaria and heir to the throne, discovers that she may hold the key to defeating the mysterious demon terrorizing her kingdom, she vows not to rest until the beast is slain. With the help of her friends and the powers she wields—though has yet to fully understand—Asterin sets out to complete a single task. The task that countless, trained soldiers have failed.

To kill it.

But as they hunt for the demon, they unearth a plot to assassinate the Princess herself instead. Asterin and her friends begin to wonder how much of their lives have been lies, especially when they realize that the center of the web of deceit might very well be themselves. With no one else to turn to, they are forced to decide just how much they are willing to sacrifice to protect the only world they have ever known.

That is… if the demon doesn’t get to them first.

Book Review:


I received this ARC from Netgalley. This is my honest opinion.

Shadow Frost is one of the best books I have read this year.

The cover:
I found the cover beautiful. Honestly, it was one of the reasons that I requested this book from Netgalley. It's dramatic, it's simple, and it's elegant.

Coco Ma created characters that are realistic. They have their good qualities and their bad. The protagonists are likeable in their own way. The antagonist is so evil it is delicious, but once I found out why she did what she did, my heart broke for The Woman. The author gave her characters trials that they had to overcome. She had them react in realistic ways that caused additional problems for the group of friends. Even though, they were just doing their best sometimes things happened. As it does in life.

The magic and world:
She made a very unique world. I thought it was really well done. It definitely helps to have a map at the beginning of the book. The magic is just great. I loved how she took the different elements into play. The magic was easy to follow and original.

I was glued to my kindle and couldn't put it down. I had go pull an all nighter to finish it.  I really was sad that the story ended. The action moved along at a good pace and several plot twists were unexpected. A couple I guessed what was going on.

I loved this book. The only reason I am giving it a 4 star rating is that I found the ending bittersweet. I felt like there should be an epilogue or second book.



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