Book Review: Choices by Liz Schulte

Choices (The Guardian Trilogy, #2)



I discussed Secretsby Liz Schulte, previously. Read the review HERE!

Secrets ended on a cliff hanger and Choices pick up right where it left off. If you haven’t read the first book and want to, please stop here. The following will contain mild spoilers for Secrets.

Whereas the first book was written in a dual POV, this book is written from many different perspectives; yet, it is not confusing. Of course, we get to see Holden’s and Olivia’s prespective. We also get to see into the mind of Quintus. He was introduced in the first book as Olivia’s guardian, and we got to see just a bit of him.  Now we get to see him struggle teaching Olivia how to be a guardian. That’s right she decided to fulfill her destiny! But she just doesn’t seem to fit in. Personally, I think Quintus is too straight laced, and I love how Olivia is challenging all the rules the Guardians live by.

Olivia and Holden are fighting the pull of their love. Holden doesn’t know that Olivia is alive and Olivia is trying to resist finding him. Liz Schulte develops these characters that I absolutely love. The relationship is everything that I love in a book romance. A good girl falls in love with a bad guy. She draws out the good in him and he brings her out of her shell. I love the adoration for each other and how they pine for each. It is the slow burn kind of relationship that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. At least, I love those relationships!

Choices is the bridge between Secrets and Consequences. It logs her journey of becoming a guardian and the challenges Quintus and her face. There is danger and suspense as they try to solve why guardians are disappearing. Then, she finds out the city she lives in Holden lives in also. Can you imagine what happens next? The second book of the Guardian series does not disappoint!

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  1. I am glad you liked it but I fear I am far too lazy for all that worldbuilding ;)

  2. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds pretty interesting! I'll have to look into the series!

  4. Love it when the second book is just as good as the first - some are a let down. Great review.


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