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Tank's Thoughts

Hi ya'll! Tank here!

I hoped everyone survived daylight savings this weekend. I am not a morning hound as it is so it was a little ruff getting up. Allie and the hubby had to go to work so I had to get up with them.

Today I want to share with you a reading app that we love. It is called Readercoin and you can find it in the app store. How it works is that you find a story that you would like to read. The app keeps track of the time you spend reading or listening to the story. For every 10 minutes of reading or listening, you earn 1 point. The best part of it is that it is totally free!

The majority of the books are classics, so we are rereading alot of books from when Allie was in high school. 

There are some newer titles being added. The people behind Readercoin are recruiting authors on Wattpad and other indie authors to share their stories. The writers also earn incentives.

What's the point of earning those points? You can use the points to donate to charities or to save up for cool prizes!

Check out their website: 

If you are interested in joining use my referral code: Alliei2m

We both get 150 bonus points!

Reading app do you love?

That's all for now. I am going to catch some ZZZs!

Licks and tail wags,


  1. Sounds like an interesting app, I'll definitely look into it.
    Gemma @ Gemma's Book Nook

  2. This sounds cool :) I have such a long list of books to read right now, I'm not sure if I'd add more to it but I'd be interested in checking back when their selection grows a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve never heard about this app before! It looks cool.

  4. I might try this on my kids, thanks!

  5. Thanx for the info Tank - I had no awareness of this. I have missed your insightful posts

  6. Sounds a little like Bookshout. I will have to check it out.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I'd not heard of it before.

  8. I'll have to check out the app! Thanks for sharing.


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