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This week, we are going to share with you a book that was borrowed to Allie when she was injured and spent a lot of time on the couch! This read is very different from what we normally like to read. Usually, we read funny chick lit, fantasy, or science fiction. This one is a straight fiction. It is definitely a deep, thought provoking reading, which I really enjoyed.

Here are our thoughts on Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper.

Out of My Mind

Melody is an eleven year old girl that wants more than anything to be normal. She has never been normal as she has cerebral palsy. She is unique as she has a photographic memory and loves words. The story is about her life from a little child to fifth grade. The story is in first person as we can get see everything from her point of view. We get to see how everyone avoids her gaze when she goes out, how she falls out of her wheelchair and can’t pick herself, how she wants to tell her parents that she loves them, and how she desperately wants to have normal friends.

My heart just breaks for Melody. I want for her to have a normal life. I want her to be able to talk with people. Life isn’t fair. Some people are blessed with being able to walk and talk; while, others struggle to feed themselves. Then, Melody is able to get a Medi-Talker which changes her life. She is now able to communicate with others and attend 5th grade in regular classes. She finds out that sometimes kids are not as accepting as she had hoped. I remember 5thgrade for me was not easy. I can’t even imagine what how hard it would be for Melody.

Draper sure pulled at my heartstrings on this story. There were several parts where I teared up for Melody. There were also parts that were funny and caused me to laugh out loud. Melody has a great sense of humor that shows throughout her difficulties. Draper also did a great job bringing Melody’s parents and caretakers to life. They each had fully developed personalities and were very likeable.

This story was very different from what we usually read but we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a book that is very unique and thought provoking about people with disabilities.

Tank gives this a 4 paw.



  1. I really like that book cover. Great review.

  2. Thank you. I like the cover too.

  3. I like the cover too, and the premise of this book gives me all the feels.

  4. Well done - it's good to read different genres now and then to keep things fresh.

  5. This sounds like it would definitely pull at my emotions

  6. I've heard about this one but haven't read it - thanks for your thoughts!

  7. Lovely review. Sounds like an emotional read. I wonder what research the author did to get into the mind of a cerebral palsy sufferer.

  8. Great review. I've not heard of this book before. Sounds wonderful. Agree with the others that the cover is lovely.


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