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Book Review: When Archie Met Rosie

Do you believe in second chance love stories? 

Me not so much, but I enjoyed When Archie Met Rosieso much. Lynda Renham writes a fun and lighthearted story about finding love at an older age.

When Archie Met Rosie by Lynda Renham

Rosie is a sweetheart that has been having a rough time at life. On the day she wins a huge amount at bingo, her no-good, cheating, gambling husband gets hit by a Domino’s truck. Figures right! So she has to figure out how to pay his debts and start her life over. The story shows how she dives into her new life with gusto. I admire Rosie's work ethic and tenacity especially when things don't turn out like she wants.

Meanwhile, Archie has recently became a widower, and now his son and daughter-in-law want his house. He is having to deal with the loss of his true love and make sure his "children" don't steal their inheritance before it is time. It definitely weighs on him.

When Archie and Rosie do meet, there is an instant connection between the two. I made me happy to see these two characters finally get some happiness, even if it took awhile for them to realize how cute they are together!

The secondary characters also get what they deserve throughout the story, which is satisfying after watching everything that was done to Archie. The story made me laugh out loud. It was such a carefree tale that it was nice to get a break from reality into the reality of the story.

We give this a 5 paw review.


Thank you to the author for a copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.


  1. I am coveting that cover. And it sounds like a fun book, too. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. I love that cover! Great review, even though I don't think this is a book for me!

  3. I always enjoy this author, glad you did too

  4. Hoe cute is that cover! Great review, I like the sound of this.

  5. This sounds cute and the cover is adorable!

  6. This sounds like such a fun story!

  7. I love this cover, its so fun and whimsical.

  8. I have loved Lynda's books for a long time, but I've not managed to read this one yet. Great review.

  9. Look at that title, so cute...Amazing Review

  10. Thank you so much. Thrilled you enjoyed. Thank you for the lovely comments. This really cheered me as the book was a slow seller. xxxx


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