A Summer Bookish Blog Hop: Shelfies!

Welcome back to the Summer Bookish Blog hop!

This is a blog hop organized by the wonderful
Jo Linsdell for the Facebook group: Bookish Blog Hops.

Today we are talking about our bookshelves! Below you will find my bookshelves. They don't really look organized, but they sort of are by subject: books with horses, dog books, mystery, romance, etc. Please don't mind the dust. We just go our A/C working and it spewed out a lot of dust!

I have 2 shelves to share!

The first shelf is all of the independently-published
books I own. These are the ones I feature on my blog
as I finish them. There are only 5 books out of the
ones you see here that I haven’t read yet—and you
can bet I will get around to reading them soon! The
wonderful thing is that these authors keep producing
more books that I definitely would buy, but I am pretty
much out of room on this shelf! Looks like I might
have to let these books “bleed over” onto my other
shelf, next time I buy more!

This second bookshelf is more for the rest of my
books. On the top shelf we have the “short” (vertically
speaking, not thickness!) books, and also my
collection of notebooks and filled journals. In the
middle are some binders and coloring books, as well
as extra novels that didn’t fit on the bottom shelf,
which holds my photo scrapbooks, and the various

trilogies I own. It makes me happy!

Jo Linsdell www.JoLinsdell.com

This is my main shelves. There is no real order to
them at all. It’s on my list of things to do that I never
seem to get round to doing. When I moved the
bookcase I didn’t have time to sort them out properly
and so they just got placed randomly on the shelves.
I see all these photo’s of rainbow shelves, and other
book shelves carefully decorated with fairy lights and
special bookish candles and gadgets and I think
“I really need to get myself sorted out”. The furthest
I’ve got so far is that centre block which has books
I’ve not read yet. There are others on my TBR
scattered about in other places too though. I’m kind
of hoping this blog post will give me some inspiration
and motivate me to finally organise my shelves

I have three shelves, but the other has too much other
stuff on it lol. They are organized Classics on the top
shelves, Series or books by the same author on the
middle and non-fiction on the bottom, but I
UN-organize them frequently. It irritates my daughter
to no end.

My shelves are quite the mix. Indie books, trad books,
books I wrote, scrapbooks, binders of old school
work and old writing, textbooks … The corner shelf is
the one my husband made me. The other is one that I
had as a teen.

What do your bookshelves look like? Don't forget to follow along with us as we continue this blog hop!!


  1. My shelves are too small for all my books🙈

  2. So many books!
    I tried to clean out my shelves a couple weeks ago, but there are so many books I couldn't let go of, so I didn't actually make any room :p

  3. All of these shelves are in much better shape than mine - which started off neat but now look like a hoarder's wet dream...

  4. I have two book shelves, one at the bottom of the stairs and one in my summer house/reading room. I also have an invisible shelf that has the books that I'm currently reading sat on it and a cupboard at the end of my bed filled with all the books awaiting to be reviewed.

  5. That is a lot of books! Love today’s blog hop theme.

  6. These shelves are so much better than mine. Mine are more like book piles. ;)

  7. I love all these! I tend to stack and like, double up shelves. Then when I run out of room, books tend to end up in large burlap or cloth grocery bags :) I intend to donate, I just can't let go!

  8. I love looking at bookshelves. I could spend days scrolling through the shelfies on Bookstagram. With Booktubeathon just around the corner, this blog post is motivating me to finally sort my shelves out and put them into some kind of order.

  9. Great post, I have a couple of shelfs myself and I want to add one more but my mom is so against me buying one more shelf into my apartment. lol Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  10. Interesting post - we have books all over the house so no shelfies for us!


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