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Book Review: A Beautiful Acceptance

A Beautiful Acceptance  (a NYC series, #2)

Book Blurb from Goodreads:

A notorious flirt and private investigator.
A broody ex-fighter unable to step into the ring again.

Alexa Tanner lives her life alone.
Never knowing what it was like to be loved.

Tapper Low misses the ring, and is having a hard time accepting his new life.

Alexa and Tapper have a past. 
A past that comes back to interrupt their lives, making them both think about their futures.

Can they get over what happened in the past and start new, or will their tempers and independent 
ways make them go their separate ways?

Book Review:

Beautiful acceptance

This is the second book in the NYC series by Alora Kate. We reviewed A Beautiful Heartbreak a couple weeks ago. The second picks up where the first one left off. I would recommend reading them in order.

In A Beautiful Acceptance, we get to read about Alexa, Ki's roommate and business partner. Alexa is more confident and flashy than Ki is, but outward appearances can be deceiving. Alexa had a rough childhood as her mother is a druggie. It has left her with feelings of worthlessness and trouble trusting others. 

That is until she runs into Tapper. The one man that she had feelings for and walked out on him. He was a professional fighter that sustained a paralyzing injury. Since then he is having trouble believing any one would want him.

Can these two overcome their own doubts to give their relationship another go? Or are they both damaged beyond repair?

Alora Kate writes a fun, entertaining tale. It not only has romance. It also contains drama and excitement. Alexa's druggie mom makes an appearance. Can she deal with the drama that brings? Tapper has a feisty grandmother who is absolutely adorable. And, there is still the unresolved issue with Ki's mob boss father. 

I enjoyed this read. It had great pace, kept my interest, and had loveable characters!

I received this as a gift from the author. Thank you Alora Kate! This is my honest opinion.

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