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Mercy Brown

Title: Mercy Brown Part 2
Series: Mercy Brown
Author: Tiki Kos
Genre: YA Horror/Dystopian/Paranormal
Release: June 20, 2018
Cover Design: Yvonne at Ammonia Book Covers
Mercy brown

Humanity is on the brink of extinction.

One month after the events in Goodsprings, Mercy Brown is welcomed into the wasteland that is now the United States. The vampire virus has run rampant across the world. What is left of humanity is scattered.

Separated from Sebastien and Amanda, Mercy must navigate this new world by herself, embarking on a journey to find her friends, stop the vampires, and save the world.

As she fights for survival, Mercy discovers who she can trust. Will she ever be safe again?

For fans of The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tiki Kos presents the second part of the YA horror/dystopia saga, Mercy Brown.

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In the Series (Kindle Unlimited):
Mercy Brown: Part 1

Book review:

This novella picks up right where Mercy Brown Part 1 ends. Mercy wakes up from a month long coma. She discovers that the world has been drastically changed as vampires wage war on humans. She goes on a journey to find her friends from the first book. Along the way, she makes new friends and discovers herself.

The novella is fun to read. It has a quick pace that left me turning the pages to the very end. I enjoyed how she renewed old friendships and made new ones. She has to determine who she can trust before it is too late!

If you like fun and intense vampire stories, this is the one for you!

Author Bio:
I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I started working on my first YA novel Daughter of The Night in 2016. The first book in the trilogy.I have been married to my husband Joel since 2015 but together since 2008. I am a  mother of two wonderful children, Aiden (5) and Scarlett (2).  When I'm not working on stories, you can find me drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating sushi. In my very rare moments of spare time, I enjoy baking/canning, reading fantasy books, gardening and playing video games.

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