Magical Read-a-Thon

When I saw that Kathy @ Books &Munches was doing a Harry Potter readathon to get OWLS, I just had to join in. This was originally posted by Book Roast. And it sounds like fun. It runs from April 2nd to the 29th. You can only use a book once for each challenge. In other words, you can't read The Lost Symbol and have it count for Ancient Runes and Defense Against the Dark Arts. You get an OWL when you complete each chalkenge. Got it? Great! Have fun!


Fail Grades:

T = Troll: Did not show up at your OWL examinations (Didn’t start a challenge)
D = Dreadful: Start but not finished an OWL task
P = Poor: Sit only 1 OWL

Pass Grades:

A = Acceptable: Sit (and pass) at least 2 OWLs (complete 2 challenges)
E = Exceeds Expectations: Sit (and pass) at least 3 OWLs (complete 3 challenges)
O = Outstanding: Sit (and pass) at least 5 OWLs (complete 5 challenges)


Ancient Runes – A book with a symbol on the cover
Arithmancy – Read a book with a number on the cover or in the title
Astronomy – Read a Sci-Fi Book
Care of Magical Creatures – Read a book that includes Magical Creatures OR Features a Magical Creature on the Cover
Charms – Read a Fantasy Book
Defence Against the Dark Arts – Read a book about/featuring secret societies/clubs
Divination – Read a book featuring prophecies
Herbology – Read a book with a nature-related word in the title
History of Magic – Read a Historical Fiction
Muggle Studies – Read a muggle non-Fiction book
Potions – Read a book about/with Alchemy
Transfiguration – Read a book that deals with transfiguration / Shape Shifting or a similar theme OR Read a book with a cat on the cover


Care of Magical Creatures: Mortiswood: Kaelia Falling by Gina Dickerson
Charms: Mortiswood: Evil Rising by Gina Dickerson
Transfiguration: Unceasing by WJ May
Arithmancy: Specimen 959 by Robert Davies
Astronomy: Echoes of Esharam by Robert Davies

Hopefully I can get these all read!

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