Blog Tour and Book Review: Evil Rising

Mortiswood Evil Rising (Mortiswood Tales #3)
Published by Authors Reach Ltd
Release date: 23rd March 2018


The problem with secrets is they don’t always remain secret, no matter how long they’ve been buried.

The dark side of magic beckons to Kaelia. It whispers in her ear, seducing her with the promise of yet more power. Having discovered the truth behind the goddess Hel’s connection to Bran the necromancer, Kaelia is finding it increasingly difficult to tell who is on her side and who is against her.

Drawn into an age-long battle, she must fight to protect not only those she loves, but also the humans that her enemies, The Salloki, would devour. Confronting an evil never seen before outside the realms of myth and magic, Kaelia is torn. Should she join with Bran? Is he really as trustworthy as he says?

But trust cuts both ways as Bran too discovers, unearthing both secrets and lies about his true identity. There is also someone he wants to protect above all, even if that price is unleashing upon Mortiswood the fearsome Vanagandr.

As secrets, lies, magic, and emotions weave their tangled web, who will lose their hearts and who will lose their lives?

Sometimes the line between good and evil is so blurred it fails to exist…


My Book Review:

*Evil Rising* is the third book in the Mortiswood tales series. The series follows the MC, Kaelia, as she discovers that her family has a secret to developing her powers to trying to save humanity. She comes to realise that doing the right thing is not always easy and things are not always what they seem.

Gina Dickerson weaves a wonderful tale. This story is one that had me glued to my Kindle. I just couldn't put it down. Work the next morning was rough.

This series is definitely one you have to read each in order as they build on each other. The first book, *Kaelia Awakening*, sets the scene, and introduces us to the characters and the lore. It was very intense and sucked me into the series. The second book, *Kaelia Falling*, did not grab me as the first, but I definitely needed to read it to understand what was going on in the third book.

The third, *Evil Rising*, just took my breath away. Kaelia has grown as a person in this book. She finds her lost mother who just happens to be a goddess. How cool is that! She gets more powers, which she uses to fight epic battles. The magic and other worldly creatures are creative and original.  Also, she has two men fighting for her affection. Bay, who happens to the good guy, has loved her forever and just wants to keep her safe. Or Bran who just happens to be the dark to her light. He wants her for her or does he? Who doesn't love a little tangled romance?

Is she able to make the right decisions to save humanity or will her heart be manipulated for evil?

Well I can't tell you.  I want you to be able to experience the wonderful wood of Mortiswood and fall in love with Dickerson's character as I did!


We give this read 4 paws as we were so entwined in the story it was hard to stop reading!

Determined not to let whatever magic was deceiving her, win, Kaelia charged back out into the corridor and, using her magical speed, flew through corridor after corridor, up and down staircase after staircase until the light outside had slipped into darkness.
‘Why won’t you let me go?’ Kaelia pulled at her hair and collapsed in a heap outside the room with the bed.
‘You don’t want to leave,’ Bran said, startling Kaelia. He held a crystal candelabra in one hand, wax dripping from the burning tips of the three gold candlesticks and running over the crystal. 
‘Of course I do. Stop playing tricks on me. This is your doing. I don’t know what you’re playing at and I don’t care, just stop whatever it is and let me out.’ She jumped up and glared at Bran. ‘I’ll fight you if I have to.’
‘There’s no need to be stroppy with me, I’m not doing anything.’ Bran set the candelabra on the small stand beside the chair outside of the bedroom and folded his arms over his slender chest. ‘It’s all part of the tower’s protection. You can leave if you want to but if you don’t want to, you can’t. It’ll keep you here until you really want to leave. It’s the tower’s way of keeping you safe.’
‘I don’t want your stupid tower to keep me safe. I’m quite capable of looking after myself.’
Bran reached her in two easy strides. Sparks of cool purple light crackled from them both as he pressed close against Kaelia, trapping her between him and the wall. ‘The tower knows the secrets you can’t speak, those you can’t admit even to yourself.’
‘Rubbish!’ Kaelia shivered from the transference of power.
Such a feeling, a powerful, intoxicating feeling. 
Only achievable with Bran.
No-one else.
No-one else could make her feel like this.
They were two sides of a coin.
Night and day.
Dark and light.
Kaelia shook her head. No, it was the power surge talking, not her, she was nothing like him and needed nothing from him!
Yet part of her yearned for it, the power they shared whenever they touched. Right then and there it was as if she needed it so much she couldn’t live without it.

About the author:

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent within the UK, with her family and bouncy Siberian husky.

Having previously worked for a Local Authority, and been a Systems Supervisor for the departmental database, Gina is now a full-time author and designer. Her books include the dark urban fantasy Mortiswood Tales series, Lies Love Tells - part of the thrilling romantic suspense Eastcove Lies series, dark fairy tales The Pennington Christmas Curse and Always Golden, as well as a collection of her dark short stories, Underleaf.

Gina has also written newspaper articles, and was a fashion and shopping columnist for her local newspaper, as well as having had short stories and poetry published in anthologies. She designs book covers and other promotional material under the name RoseWolf Design, and belongs to the author co-operative Authors Reach.




  1. I always wonder - why wolves?

  2. Oooh, I love book with strong female leads. I might have to look into this series.

  3. Thank you for this review I am going to add this series to my TBR. The covers are really striking too.

  4. Oh really got me curious. Need to look up this book :) I have a lage tbr, so I need more ofcourse.

  5. I like the sound of this series.

  6. Great review, I absolutely love the covers of the book series they all are gorgeous covers and this series looks and sounds absolutely fantastic and very intriguing. I'm glad you love this series. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and putting this book series on my radar.


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