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Happy Friday! Today, I am excited to have a guest blogger. Liliyana Shadowlyn from The Faerie Review is doing a book review on At Bay (Alex Troutt Thriller, #1; Redemption Thriller #1) by John Mefford

Book Blurb from Goodreads:

Alexandra Giordano never knew she had it so good. Until it was all gone in an instant.

As she begins her daunting quest to uncover the black spots on her memory, what she finds isn't sweet or charming or even pleasant. And that's when she begins to question everything, including herself. Her work as a Special Agent for the FBI is only a distraction, serving as a mental metronome...anything to crank the gears of her feeble mind.

And then it happens--a bizarre, ritualistic murder. She loses herself in her work, fully immersed in the investigation. Unable to recall even her own kids, she's somehow able to formulate coherent theories on what type of person could pull off such a sickening act. As her mind slowly plugs a few memory gaps, her emotions are scrambled by the reality of her worlds colliding. And the resulting explosion tears her in two.

Can she pick up all the incendiary fragments to solve the twisted crime while she clings to some semblance of sanity?

One woman can only keep so much...At Bay

Book Review:

I don't remember when I was first introduced to John Mefford and his redemption series, but I loved it immediately. Although you can pick up any book in the series and fall in love, I highly recommend starting here, at the beginning. 

What would you do if everything in your life was gone in an instant - your loved ones became strangers, your colleagues no different than people you pass on the street? Alex is thrown into the fire right at the start, and although she wants to recover her memories and reconnect with her family, work draws her in. A puzzling and brutal killing and Alex is hot on the killer's trail. You can't help but try and unravel the mysteries that cloud around the fearless heroine like a thick fog rolling off the bay.

 Anyone who's a fan of thrillers or mysteries will be instantly hooked by this well-spun tale.

- Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review


  1. I am going to add this to my reading list. It sounds really good. great review.

  2. Oooo fun I'll have to pick this book up

  3. Definitely need to check this out!

  4. I will keep this in mind when looking for a suspense read, great review!

  5. Sounds like The Leftovers with suspense and a great heroine. Thanks!

  6. Sounds good and nice to hear from Liliyana

  7. This is the type of book that I enjoy reading that I miss. I need to check this one out.

  8. Great review, this book looks and sounds absolutely amazing and right up my alley. I totally love a good thrillers or mysteries books. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and putting this book on my radar.

  9. This feels like a great book. I'm not too familiar with thrillers but the review makes it seem nice to try. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I enjoy mysteries and thrillers! Thanks for sharing, I will have to give it a peak!

  11. This sounds so creepy yet thrilling! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love a good thriller/suspense


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