Book Review: A Slice of Murder By Chris Cavender

In preparation of March Mystery Month, we went to the local public library to check out some books. “A Slice of Murder” was one of the books I checked out. To be perfectly honest, I chose this book based on its cover. It was right before lunch, I was hungry, and pizza is one of my favorite foods. I could eat it for every meal, but I digress.

“A Slice of Murder” by Chris Cavender is a cozy mystery that is set in a small town in North Carolina. It is the first book in the series. The protagonist, Eleanor, is a pizza shop owning widow. She is short staffed one night and has to deliver a pizza. She goes up to the house and sees her customer stabbed in the heart, dead. The local police chief is an ex-boyfriend, and she is his primary suspect. The rest of the story goes on how she figures out who the killer is and clears her name.

Goodreads:  A Slice of Murder

This book was lukewarm for me. I wasn’t expecting like OMG I have to read the rest of the series! But I was hoping for a warm fuzzy read.  The story itself dragged on forever. I was tempted to put it down and move on and maybe I should have. The police forensics were non-existent. Let’s blame the pizza delivery  person. Really? The chief did not look for evidence, fingerprints, or even a motive. Eleanor was hard to warm up to. She was portrayed as a middle aged woman independently trying to move on after her husband died a couple years ago. She had a man who wanted to go out with her that she didn’t even give herself a chance to like him. I have never lost a husband so that’s hard for me to relate. I just wanted her to date the guy! Eleanor did some dumb things that if she was Stephanie Plum it would have been funny, but it just wasn’t.

I give this book ✮✮

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