Everlasting by WJ May

*Everlasting* is the second book in WJ May's The Queen's Alpha series. And oh how I love this series!
Tank likes the book too!

Katerina is the rightful person to inherit the throne, but her brother murders their father. Katerina runs away to escape her brother. She seeks help from a ranger, a shape shifter, and a fae to help her get to safety. That's in the first book, *Eternal*.

On to *Everlasting*, the four of them become friends as they try to get Katerina somewhere safe. Yet, it seems like something or someone is making their journey difficult. The adventures keep escalating in danger. If that's not enough, Katerina is developing feelings for a friend. Does he share these feelings, or is this just a young woman with her first crush?

What I love about this series is WJ May's writing style. She creates a world so vivid it just sucked me in. Literally,  I stayed up all night reading! I picture the setting to look like Narnia with all the beautiful scenery and rough terrian.

The characters are lovable, and I really feel for Katerina with fleeing the castle and discovering magic. I can't decide which character is the my favorite. While Katerina is the sheltered princess, she is not whiny or demanding. She grows to resilient yet still keeps her heart of gold. The ranger, Dylan, is resourceful,  protective, and I might have a crush on him. Tonya is the shape shifter, and she is independent and cheeky. The fae, Cass, is reserved. In *Eternal*, the author finally gets him to open up a little. She leaves just enough mystery that I am looking forward to the third book!

I rate this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

If you are looking for a fast paced,  quick read paranormal romance, this it. But I would recommend starting with the first book.

Find the author at: Facebook page of WJ May

Find series at:
Amazon: Eternal  Everlasting
Goodreads: Everlasting


  1. I keep waiting to find my magical powers - so far they have eluded me...

  2. This looks intriguing! :) Great review!

  3. Not really a book for me. Great review. Your dog also looks just like my nieces.

  4. This book looks great :) And awww to your photo. I absolutely love it ❤

    Megan @ Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest


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